Atos Research & Innovation

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Atos Research & Innovation, Atos Origin R&D hub located in Spain, is a key reference for the whole Atos Origin group. Thanks to its large expertise in the R&D&I scope, Atos Origin leverages research activities on new technologies inside and outside Atos Origin group and takes the research outcomes to customers, introducing innovative elements in their business processes.

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A large network of professionals whose activity encompasses all market sectors

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Highlighted projects

Participating to key projects for defining the technological future of the Information Society

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Going forward…


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mapa mundi Sharing knowledge

Scientific publications, papers, speeches, etc.

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General Information
Atos Research
+34 91 214 8800
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Technology Platforms

Participating in the definition of the future

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Products, services and solutions

Make diffent your business through Innovation

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MASTER Project

MASTER will provide methodologies and infrastructure that facilitate monitoring, enforcement, and auditing of security compliance, especially where highly dynamic service oriented architectures are used to support business process enactment in single, multi-domain, and iterated contexts.
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